Quartz, Edition 1

Bottle - $16.00 / Case - $153.60

Dry white blend

50% Cayuga, 25% Traminette, 20% Vidal Blanc, 5% Albrariño

Aromas of pear and apple define this refreshingly crisp blend of white varietals. Goes perfectly with warm summer weather.

2017 Silica

Bottle - $24.00 / Case - $230.40

Dry white blend

50% Viognier, 50% Albariño

A bright, and crisp blend, with refreshing notes of citrus

2017 Chardonnay

Bottle - $20.00 / Case - $192.00

Dry white

Showcasing both food-friendly acidity and full body, this versatile, fruit-forward Chardonnay is produced through a unique fusion of stainless steel and sur lie aging.

2016 Traminette

Bottle - $18.00 / Case - $172.80

Off-dry white

Finished with just a touch of sweetness, our 2016 Traminette was made in the style of an off-dry German Riesling. Beautiful floral aromas with citrus on the palate.

2017 Chambourcin Rosé

Bottle - $22.00 / Case - $211.20

Off-dry rosé

Gentle whole cluster pressing combined with a cool fermentation produces bright strawberry notes on the nose, followed through with full body and balanced acidity.

2017 Cabernet Franc Rosé

Bottle: $18.00 / Case: $172.80

Dry rosé

A true ‘blanc de noirs’ from Cabernet Franc grapes, this bright rosé exhibits great citrus aromas, followed on the palate by beautifully refreshing acidity.

Kindling, Edition 1

Bottle: $16 / Case: $153.60

Dry red blend

25% Cabernet Franc, 25% Regent, 50% Chambourcin

A perfect wine to sip in front of the fire, our Kindling expresses dark fruit, laced with smoky notes and spicy undertones.

2015 Chambourcin Reserve

Bottle: $18 / Case: $172.80

Dry red

The aroma exhibits hints of dark chocolate shot through with red fruit, with surprising finesse and smoothness on the palate.

2015 Samara

Bottle: $24 / Case: $230.40

Dry red blend

46% Cabernet Franc, 54% Blaufränkisch

The aroma evokes feelings of warmth with hints of caramel and baking spices. Exceptionally smooth on the palate, the softness lingers on through the finish.

2016 Cabernet Franc

Bottle: $24 / Case: $230.40

Dry red

A bold, spicy wine, framed by adequate oak that respects the fruit. Big, round tannins dominate the palate, with enough roughness to suggest ageability.

2016 Blaufränkisch

Bottle: $24 / Case: $230.40

Dry red

Also known as Lemberger, this Austrian variety exhibits violets and sweet spice as the nose of this wine, followed by a pleasantly bright palate perfect for pairing.

2016 Norton

Bottle: $26 / Case: $249.60

Dry red

Also known as Cynthiana, our Norton exhibits bright fruit with subtle hints of baking spices

2016 thundergust

Bottle: $30 / Case: $288.00

Dry red blend

33% Cabernet Franc, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Chambourcin

The color pours a beautiful deep garnet, with aromas of anise and cinnamon mingling with dark fruit on the nose. The palate is bold and full-bodied, exhibiting smooth, round tannins laced with hints of vanilla.


Bottle: $14 / Case: $134.40

Semi-sweet blend

80% Niagara, 20% Chardonnay

A refreshingly delicious blend of white native american varieties. On the sweeter side, at 4% residual sugar, but with perfectly balanced acidity.


Bottle: $14 / Case: $134.40

Semi-sweet blend

50% Fredonia, 25% Chambourcin, 25% Norton

A bold and delicious blend of red native american varieties. On the sweeter side, at 3.5% residual sugar, but still has perfectly balanced acidity.